Top tips for Newly Qualified Treasures (NQT’s)

Welcome to our special NQT focus blog. To celebrate the imminent completion of teacher training courses we thought we’d take this opportunity to ask our teacher friends to share their top tips for newly qualified treasures (NQT’s) to help get your first year on the job off to a flying start! 

1. Write down all meetings/ events in an electronic or paper diary. 

2. Don’t worry if you don’t remember how every school system works. There are lots of things to learn and this takes time. 

3. Utilise shared resources. Departmental share drives or resource banks with colleagues will benefit everyone. 

4. Follow fellow subject teachers and join subject groups on social media. Lots of lovely people will often share resources for all to use and adapt.

5. Definitely smile before Christmas. Building a positive relationship with your classes helps create a productive learning atmosphere.

6. Always ask for help if you need it. You are not a lone soldier, you are part of a team who are there to support you.

7. Utilise peer marking and self assessment – these are beneficial for students and help take pressure off you.

8. Remember that you are a great teacher. You will have brilliant lessons and lessons you’d rather forget but your ability is much more than this. 

9. Make sure you set boundaries. The to do list is often endless so make sure you have set times for rest and relaxation. 

10. Take a lunch break. And don’t forget you’re doing a great job! 

Smiley yellow star looking at list for NQT's
Yellow tick to reinforce NQT's top tips
Yellow stars and smileys on bright coloured backgrounds
Five Yellow smiley star stickers

Of course using rewards such as stickers can also be a fantastic way to keep your pupils motivated and help build a positive atmosphere in the classroom. You can have a look at our whole range of rewards on our website featuring a variety of captions and images, from our best selling classics (like our smileys and stars) to our customisable options for the really personal touch. 

To all of our NQT friends we’d like to say well done on all of your hard work and good luck for the new school year! 

Best wishes,

Vanessa & Steven.

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