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Welcome to the Sticker Factory!

We are a small family business who have been designing and selling reward stickers and motivation products to the UK schools, hospitals and clubs for over 20 years. We believe tactile teaching resources used in the classroom are an important part of a child's experience in this digital age. They add fun and value to the educational experience. Custom stickers make the experience personal and help in the development of relationships between pupils and those who work with them. 

Our products are now available from our new shops on Amazon and Etsy as well as from Super Stickers and Stamps Direct. We are still busy stocking the shelves and adding products every week, so please be sure to check back and see what’s new.  ALL our products are designed by us and made in the UK.

GETTING TO OUR PRODUCTS ... Have a look at our web site pages by clicking on the categories below and click through to the product OR if you cannot find what you are looking for take a look at our Amazon and Etsy shops OR visit SuperStickers or Stamps Direct using the links below.

If you are an existing customer and can’t find what you want, or you have previously ordered stickers with your own logos on that you would like a repeat order of then please contact us on and we will do our best to help you.

Best wishes, 

The Sticker Factory Team.

Orange smiley star on dark blue circular background in light blue rectangle SuperStickers orang text

White circular sticker with smiley star on red background Stamps direct logo at bottom



5 circular stickers with yellow smiley star image on red blue green yellow &purple backgrounds


Green circular sticker with smiley pink star on blue background


Praise pad in 4 sections chinchilla ladybird alien & crab on red green blue & yellow backgrounds


Variety of dinosaurs on bright coloured backgrounds. Text - thank you for coming to my party


musical notes and treble clef on blue circular backgrounds


Purple smiley dinosaur on green rectangular background speech bubble on a break but not extinct


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