The Return of Our Summer Blockbuster Quiz 2022

It’s back and quizzier than ever. As the school year draws to a close, we’ve put together our annual Summer themed quiz to send you on your way with a smile. Try your luck, and get your class involved too, to see if you can defeat this fiendish quiz.


Round One metallic gold merit sticker with embossed tick

  1. What is the birthstone for August?

  2. What would your star sign be if your birthday is the 1st August?

  3. Who is the month of August named after?

  4. A famous festival is held in East Asia during August. Is it called: a) Hungry Ghost Festival b) Angry Ghost festival c) Friendly Ghost Festival?

  5. August was made a day longer by taking a day from which other month? 


Round Two Seagull character in sun glasses

  1. How many players are there in a beach volleyball team?

  2. Sumardagurinn fyrsti, literally meaning the first day of Summer, is a holiday in which country? a) Denmark b) Iceland c) Finland

  3. What does SPF stand for?

  4. The Eiffel Tower grows during Summer because of the impact of heat on the metal, but how much bigger, on average, does it get? a) 10cm b) 15cm c) 20cm

  5. How old was the inventor of ice pops? (For a bonus point, when were they invented?) 


Round Three Dog in wheat field. Nature picture

  1. What day is officially the last day of summer? a) 23rd September b)1st October c) 31st August

  2. The Summer Palace is a grand collection of gardens and palaces in which city?

  3. According to legend if it rains on St Swithin’s Day on 15th July, what will happen for 40 days and nights?

  4. Measuring 1.34 miles, where is the longest pier in the UK?

  5. Where will the 2024 Summer Olympics be held?


Round Four Puffin character floating on the sea

  1. When was British Summer Time introduced to the UK? a) 1956 b)1972 c) 1901

  2. Summer in the Southern Hemisphere occurs during which months? 

  3. The English lionesses football team are having a great time in the Euro competition so far. Which country won the last women’s Euros in 2017?

  4. Which country eats the most ice cream? a) USA b) New Zealand c) Australia

  5. According to scientists, how many licks does it take to eat one scoop of ice cream? a) 50 b) 100 c) 150


Answers below:

  1. Peridot

  2. Leo

  3. The Roman Emperor Augustus, who named it after himself.

  4. The Hungry Ghost festival is a time when families make offerings to their ancestors.

  5. February 

  6. Two per side

  7. Iceland

  8. Sun Protection Factor

  9. 15cm

  10. 11 (and the bonus answer is 1905)

  11. 23rd September 

  12. Beijing, China

  13. It will rain

  14. Southend

  15. Paris

  16. 1972

  17. December, January, and February

  18. The Netherlands

  19. New Zealand

  20. 50

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