quiz pictureOur Summer Blockbuster Quiz is back!

Our Summer Blockbuster Quiz is back! The 2023 sequel is better than ever

From Indiana Jones to Mission Impossible, 2023 is the summer of the sequel. We’re getting in on the action too with the third instalment of our summer blockbuster quiz. It’s a fun end of term activity for your class, or a chance to give your brain a workout on a summer road trip.

Round 1:  Summer Lovin’

1. Which American City hosts a UFO festival in July every year? a) Roswell b) Aurora c) What Cheer

2. The song ‘Summer Nights’ is from which film? 

3. Which American state is known as the Sunflower State? a) Kansas b) New York c) Oregon

4. Which country is known as ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’ because it enjoys 24 hours of daylight during the summer?

5. Bastille Day takes place each year on July 14th in which country?

  1. France b) Germany c) Italy

Round 2: Summer food and drink

  1. Which three flavours make up Neapolitan ice cream?

  2. How many kernels does an average corn on the cob have? a) 600 b) 700 c) 800

  3. How much did the world’s largest scoop of ice cream weigh? a) 3,000 pounds b) 4, 000 pounds c) 5, 000 pounds

  4. How many seeds does a single strawberry contain? a) 100 b) 200 c) 300

  5. Cantaloupe, honeydew, and galia are types of which fruit?

Round 3: Summer of sport

  1. Where will the 2024 Summer Olympics be held?

  2. How many lions, and lionesses, are on the England football team badge? 

  3. Pickles the dog became famous in 1966 for finding what?

  4. Who won the men’s and women’s singles titles at Wimbledon 2023?

  5. In karate, what colour belt comes before black?

Round 4: Weird and wonderful

  1. Which Moroccan animal climbs trees in summer?

  2. Which country has the longest school summer holiday? a) Italy b) UK c) Spain

  3. Sunlight helps your body produce which vitamin? a) B b) C c) D

  4. Thomas van den Dungen built the tallest sandcastle ever in 2019. How tall was it? (a) 28 (b) 41 (c) 57 feet

  5. Which month has the most birthdays? a) July b) August c) September

We hope all of our customers have a fantastic summer and a chance for a bit of fun in the sun with your loved ones.


Round 1

  1. Roswell, New Mexico

  2. Grease

  3. Kansas

  4. Norway

  5. France

Round 2

  1. Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry 

  2. 800

  3. 3000 pounds

  4. 200

  5. Melon

Round 3

  1. Paris

  2. 3

  3. World Cup

  4. Carlos Alcaraz and Markéta Vondroušová

  5. Brown

Round 4

  1. Goat

  2. Italy

  3. D

  4. 57 feet!

  5. September

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