Subject-specific stickers for the National Curriculum

The end of term is in within sight and we’re looking forward to a well-deserved Christmas break. When the new school term beckons though, we’ve got the whole National Curriculum covered in stickers for you with our personalised subject-specific range. 


First up are our French and Spanish stickers, which are a Trés Bien! and ¡Estupendo¡ way to reward your learners in language lessons, while our History stickers will make run of the mill rewards a thing of the past.


                                                Our Maths stickers certainly add up to great achievement in numeracy lessons, and our English stickers are the perfect way to reward literacy work which sparkles and shines like a metaphorical diamond. 


There’s no need to experiment, our science stickers are tried and tested to extract the maximum effort from your class. And our music stickers are sure to hit the right note to create extra special effort, no strings attached.  

The whole range features our friendly curriculum bee, and a range of subject-specific images and captions. From Viking longships to magnets and planets, these stickers are perfect to reward effort and achievement during lessons and to help ease marking. Plus, because each sticker is personalised with your name, they also offer a really personal reward which your pupils will love. Every A4 sheet includes 35 stickers and there are lots of different pack sizes available, from 2 sheets up to a massive 20 sheets. 

Since these stickers were introduced, they have become one of our most popular stickers for teachers, TAs, private tutors, and education professionals to reward, encourage and motivate young people. 

You can see all of our subject-specific stickers over on our website. Plus don’t forget that you can get a free pack of Super star! stickers with every order of £10 or more throughout December. We’ll see you soon for more Sticker Factory news and updates.

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