Stickers for the New School Year

The summer is here, in name if not in weather, and we hope you’re enjoying a well earned holiday. We’re not quite dusting off our pencil cases yet but when September comes, we’ve got all of your sticker and reward needs covered to make this a great school year. 

First up are our personalised reward sticker options. Featuring space to add your name, they’re the perfect way to add a personal touch to boost your pupil’s achievement. We’ve got subject specific stickers to suit lessons including Maths, English and Science, plus a massive range of other captions and images to choose from. Check out our smiley faces, stars, or mixed options for a great way to reward your pupils this new term. 

Plus have a look at our fully customised reward stickers for a totally personal option where you choose all of the wording. Simply choose your design, whether it’s big cats, dinosaurs or a mixed bag, add your wording, and your stickers are ready to go. They’re perfect stickers for teachers, TA’s and education staff, to encourage and motivate your class, and something for your students to be proud of. 

But it doesn’t stop with stickers. Our praise pads and sticker-tificates are a great way to send a positive message home. Each pack of praise pads and sticker-tificates features 50 individual sheets all with bright and colourful designs. They’re fantastic for increasing and supporting communication with parents and ideal for praising homework, behaviour, extra special effort and achievement. 

You can visit our website to have a look at these and the rest of our school sticker options. Plus don’t forget that our marvellous monthly offer means that you can get 15% off your basket total until the end of August, just use code augotm when you get to your basket.

We hope you have a fantastic rest of the holidays and we’ll see you soon for more exciting sticker news.

Best wishes,


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