Spooky stickers and strange superstitions: Halloween Spooktacular

Did you know that it’s thought unlucky for a bride to see a snake on the way to her wedding? To celebrate Halloween we’re delving into the strangest and spookiest superstitions from across the nation. Read on to find out about black cats, snakes, and our other Halloween favourites and the weird and wonderful traditions around them. 

1. Although it is lucky for a black cat to cross your path, it is considered unlucky to open a door to a black cat. Black cats also used to be frequently taken on board ships to bring good luck to the voyage. 

2. If a cat sneezes it is a sign of rain. If it puts on skis it is a sure sign of snow! 

3. Apparently an effective method of staying young is to eat a snake (not recommended). And if you wear a snake skin on your head you will never have a headache. 

4. Spiders feature in a number of superstitions. Spider webs have been used to heal cuts since the time of the Ancient Romans. Interestingly there is still much discussion around using spider’s webs in modern medicine due to their wound healing properties. It’s also believed to be lucky if a small spider lands on you, and means that money or good fortune is coming your way.


5. Once it starts growing you should never point at a pumpkin as this will cause it to rot. 

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Facts courtesy of ‘The Encyclopaedia of Superstitions‘ by E. and M. A. Radford

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