Roll on the holidays: Christmas Stickers for End of Term Fun

The festive season is nearly upon us and, after another difficult year, we reckon everyone deserves some Christmas fun and sparkle. To celebrate this holiday season we’ve put together a little Christmas quiz for you and your pupils to enjoy in the last few weeks of term. 

And if you’re looking for rewards to help your Christmas quiz go with a bang, look no further than our brilliant sparkly Christmas stickers. They feature a mixture of images and captions, and are perfect stickers for teachers, TAs and education staff to reward young people this Christmas.

Plus our personalised ‘Happy Christmas’ stickers are the festively fabulous way to celebrate all of your student’s hard work with a really personal message. They’re great for games and we think yule love them. 



And so the to quiz . . . 

1. In which country is KFC the favoured Christmas fare? a) Japan b) Croatia c) America

2. Which country donates a Christmas tree annually to Trafalgar Square? a) France b) Norway c) Germany

3. In which pantomime does King Rat appear? a) Aladdin b) Dick Whittington c) Mother Goose

4. Which animal delivers presents to children in Syria? a) camel b) tiger c) elephant

5. In Swedish folklore which animal pulls Santa’s sleigh? a) goats b) reindeer c) horses

6. According to legend which British monarch was the first to eat turkey on Christmas Day? a) Elizabeth I b) Henry VIII c) Queen Victoria 

7. In which country would you eat turkey stuffed with beef and peanuts and decorated with pineapples and cherries? a) Hungary b) Peru c) India

8. What is traditionally hidden in a rice pudding in Sweden? a) almond b) money c) a volvo

9. Which is the most popular pantomime? a) Cinderella b) Jack and the Beanstalk c) Sleeping Beauty

10. How many sides do all snowflakes have

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Take a jingle over to our website to have a look at these and the rest of our Christmas rewards.


  1. Japan
  2. Norway
  3. Dick Whittington
  4. A camel
  5. Goats
  6. Henry VIII
  7. Peru
  8. Almond
  9. Cinderella
  10. 6
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