I have had my COVID Vaccine

I have had my COVID Vaccine

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I have had my COVID Vaccine Information


  • Covid Vaccine stickers
  • Each A4 sheet contains 35 x 37mm stickers
  • Available in 10, 20 & 40 sheet packs
  • Larger Pack size = Lower sheet price

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“It feels like watching the stars come out at night, punching their tiny brilliant holes in the darkness one by one.
Every vaccine given, every story of some friend’s elderly father or previously housebound great-aunt getting the call-up, is another small victory. One less potential victim for the virus. One more family spared a tragedy. Even the proposed handing out of “I’ve been vaccinated” stickers, like the ones dished out to small children for being brave at the dentist’s, seems only mildly toe-curling. It’s a lovely thing to hear that someone you know has been plucked to safety, like a shipwrecked sailor hauled on board a lifeboat. What’s wrong with spreading the joy?”
Gaby Hinsliff – The Guardian

Shipping Information

Let’s talk honestly about shipping costs – and how we’ve reduced sticker prices

A lot of companies make a feature about offering  ‘Free Shipping’.  We’ve done it ourselves in the past.

But we have to be honest. There isn’t really any such thing as ‘Free Shipping.’ It cost us money to post your orders to you and whilst we love every one of our customers, we still have to cover the cost of posting and packaging your stickers.

So, when you see ‘Free Shipping’ offered by a company this actually means that the postage cost is incorporated into each product price, and therefore if you order more than one product, you might be paying more than necessary!

So our very own Postage and Packaging Puffin has devised a system that calculates (within a puffin’s feather) how much your stickers will actually cost to pack and post. It’s probably not as much as you might think, and when you add your items to your basket and then look at the checkout you will see exactly how much it has calculated. Here’s some examples:

  • For a pack of 10 sheets of A5 stickers you’d pay 79p in shipping
  • For a pack of 4 A4 sheets of personalised stickers, you’d pay £1.15 in shipping
  • For a pack of 8 A4 sheets of personalised stickers, you’d pay £1.84 in shipping

NB. We also offer upgrades to 1st class and ‘signed for’ at checkout, plus overseas shipping is available, which is also calculated by weight.

Now that we don’t add the shipping cost into the price of each product, we’ve been able to LOWER the prices of many of our packs of stickers and the final total of your order, especially if you buy more than one pack of stickers per order, has now reduced!

We think this is the fairest way to cover shipping costs, and we hope you do too!


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