Our favourite fun sticker designs for school, home, and beyond!

You may know that all of our stickers are printed and packaged in the UK (many of them at The Sticker Factory base in Suffolk), but you may not know that we design all of our stickers too. We’re always very pleased when we hear that you love our designs, and that your young people love them too.

Today we thought we’d take you through some of our very favourite bright and colourful sticker designs, which have been supporting teachers, TAs, education and healthcare professionals for nearly 30 years. All aimed at helping to encourage, reward and motivate young people .

It was a tough choice, but in the end we managed to whittle all of our favourite fun sticker designs to just our top five favourites: 

The shining star: The Sticker Factory star was the very first design we ever made. Produced by our chief designer, Vanessa (who creates the vast majority of our products), the star is one of our most popular characters. They appear on colourful and metallic backgrounds, and as a mini and personalised sticker, making them great school reward stickers.



The smiley face: Our smiley face is also one of our oldest designs. Laid-back and cheerful, this happy chap is available with a range of background colours and captions. You can also get a set featuring both smiley faces and star stickers for extra rewarding power.  


The crab (aka Los Crabstador, Claws, or the Notorious Mr Snips): There’s nothing we enjoy more than a visit to the beach, and this inspired us to create our crab sticker. Appearing on mixed sticker sets like our great value budget sticker range, the crab will bring a pinch of motivating power to help your students achieve. 



Buzz the Bee: Our hard-working bee can be seen across many of our sticker sets, from our subject specific curriculum stickers to our mixed rewards. Buzz also appears on our personalised ‘Well done’ stickers which allow you to give a really personal reward to make your students smile. Why not use them as part of Insect Week 2022?


Dinosaurs: Our dinosaur collection includes pterodactyls, triceratops, and a T-Rex. You’ll find dinosaurs on our mixed sheets and on our personalised ‘Well done’ sticker sets for a Jurassic classic reward option. 


You can have a look at all of our favourite designs over at our website. We’d love to hear about your favourite designs too. Drop us a comment or send us a line to get in touch. 

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