Apostrophes, commas, hyphens…Punctuation can be a real pain in the semi-colon. We all know commas save lives (Let’s eat grandma!) but do you know the difference between a Monkey’s tail and an Interrobang? In honour of National Punctuation Day (September 24th in America) we’re delving into the weird and wonderful world of punctuation…

1 Did you know that in the Netherlands an @ symbol is called a monkey’s tail, in Russia it’s a little dog, and in Israel it’s a strudel. Delicious! 

2 The exclamation mark may be a sign of excitement but it originally comes from the Latin io, meaning joy, which was written as a lower case i with o underneath. Over time the symbols merged and the exclamation mark was born! 

3 We owe the full stop, among many other things, to the Romans. Previously writing ran together without breaks until the Romans added circles to show where the breaks were. 

4 The humble comma is named after the Greek “komma” which literally means something which has been cut off, i.e. a clause. 

5 The ?!, a mixture of a question mark and exclamation mark, is called an interrobang and denotes a question asked excitedly. It fell out of favour in the past but is ripe for a renaissance?!

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Facts courtesy of https://www.sheknows.com/living/articles/1081286/weird-funny-and-true-facts-about-punctuation/

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