Don’t sweat the small stuff: Mini stickers mean big rewards!

Hello hello, and welcome to another slice of sticker goodness. Today we’d like to talk to you about mini stickers. Mini only in size, these little beauties are big in impact. 

‘How?’ we hear you ask. Quite simply we pack our mini stickers so full of rewarding power that sometimes it’s hard to squeeze them into the envelope. You might want to stand back when you open them because when they’re uncorked a veritable explosion of rewarding power is unleashed. 

These diminutive dandies are perfect for rewarding pupils in the classroom for homework, extra special effort, spelling tests, positive behaviour, reading targets, assessments and much more. Ideal for use with bookmarks, text books or reward charts, they’re a quick, easy and efficient way to give feedback, encourage and motivate students, and reward excellent effort and achievement. We’re sure they’ll be nothing small about the smiles on student’s faces when they see a mini sticker! 

Mini beast stickers showing bee, ladybird, spider and worm. Example of sticker reward sheet.


We’ve got packs featuring some of our favourite Sticker Factory characters like super stars and smiley faces to use across the curriculum. And our mini beast mini sticker set, including bees, worms and spiders, is perfect to accompany science lessons and nature walks. 

Plus our mixed caption sets are a selection box full of sticker delicacies like dinosaurs, aliens, fairies and much more with a massive range of colours and captions. 

Each sheet of mini stickers features 165 stickers with a five or ten sheet pack option. Plus, throughout the month of June you can also get £5 off when you spend £15 or more* with our June monthly offer code so there’s even more reason to go big on these little stickers. 

Visit our website to have a look at these and the rest of our sticker selection and check out our monthly offer page to see our latest deals. 

*Monthly offer runs from 01/06/21 to 30/06/21

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