Innovative Tools for Boosting Classroom Engagement 

Innovative tools for boosting classroom engagement is the third instalment of six on Children’s Mental Health. We hope you are enjoying our blog series so far.

At the core of every educational journey, especially during Key Stages 1 and 2, lies the potential for dynamic classroom engagement. This blog delves into the transformative strategies to elevate engagement levels, focusing on the impactful roles of collaborative projects, hands-on activities, such as told in Lucy & Sarah’s story and the unique personalization offered by custom stickers in acknowledging each student’s journey.

Collaborative projects emerge as a beacon of collective learning, underscoring cooperation and problem-solving, while custom stickers like “Super Collaborator” or “Creative Thinker” celebrate individual contributions, reinforcing the value of teamwork. The Collaborative Learning Project offers some helpful free resources in this area.

Hands-on activities are spotlighted as essential for multisensory learning experiences. They bring lessons to life and recognition of achievement with personalised custom stickers such as “Mrs Hall says – I’m a Science Star” or “Mr James thinks – I’m a History Hero” make the education more personal to the pupil. Teachwire offers lots of resources for hands-on activities if you’d like to take a look.

Smiley yellow star with wand on red backgroundThe personal touch of custom stickers in everyday learning is emphasised, illustrating how these tokens of recognition can narrate each student’s story of achievement and growth, effectively motivating and making learning visible.

Integrating collaborative efforts, hands-on discoveries, and personalised recognition through stickers weaves an engaging tapestry that inspires and supports students, highlighting the creative, recognition, and joyful experiences that educators bring into classrooms. We would LOVE to hear of your experiences of classroom activities using any of these strategies. Pop a post on our facebook page and we’ll send you a free pack of star stickers!

The Sticker Factory’s custom sticker range aims to enhance these educational experiences across the UK, offering a vibrant tool to celebrate achievements, motivate learners, and add a colourful dimension to the teaching toolkit

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