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Ask a stupid question day logoDo you know the difference between a nurdle and a tittle? Celebrating Ask a Stupid Question Day

This September 28th is Ask a Stupid Question Day. It’s a pretty recent celebration, which was started by teachers in the USA to encourage their students to ask more questions. Not only does this support the learning process but it helps to create a positive and vibrant classroom environment where everyone can feel comfortable to share whatever’s on their minds.

To celebrate Ask a Stupid Question Day, although no question is stupid really, have a read through our list of ten things we’ve been pondering.

(Oh, and a nurdle is the blob of toothpaste that you put on your toothbrush, and a tittle is the name for the dot of a lowercase i)


10 Stupid Questions

  1. Why do we say pair of socks, meaning two pieces of clothing, and pair of pants, which is only one?

  2. Why do we dream?

  3. If you could travel through time, where would you go? Forwards or backwards?

  4. When you eat gummy bears, do you eat the head or the feet first?

  5. Why do round pizzas come in square boxes? (Actually the history of pizza delivery is pretty fascinating)

  6. If you could have a superpower, which one would you choose? Invisibility, super strength, being able to fly?

  7. What causes brain freeze?

  8. If you could live inside a book for a week, which book would it be?

  9. Why are people right or left handed?

  10. Rice is the oldest food we still eat today. What’s the newest food?

We know speaking up in class isn’t easy for lots of young people, and that’s why our rewards are the perfect way to encourage and support everyone in class to share their ideas. Our praise pads feature space to write a student’s name, and their praiseworthy actions, and are a brilliant way for students to share their achievements at home.

We’d love to hear your best stupid, not stupid, questions. Hit us up on Facebook, absolutely no judgement!

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