Our Mission

So this is a little bit about us and why we do what we do! We are a small family business who have been designing and selling reward stickers and motivation products to the UK schools, hospitals, clubs and parents for over 20 years. Recognition and positive reinforcement are powerful motivators and we believe tactile resources are an important part of a child’s experience in this digital age. They add fun and value to many situations whether at home, in hospital or at school. Custom stickers make the experience personal and help in the development of relationships between children and those who work with them. We are proud that ALL our products are designed exclusively by us and made in the UK.

Our Story

Back in 1997 I was working part time as a graphic designer and illustrator. My three children were then aged 8, 8, and 3 and my husband was a busy school teacher. One day one of my twins came home with a sticker – not the kind I was used to when I was at school which was a gummed star – but something altogether more fancy with a cartoon image and caption.

Our Story

She was very proud, and so was I and it prompted a lovely conversation about why she had received the sticker. I could see how this tiny token of recognition had the ability to build upon her achievement and somehow brighten her whole school day. It almost had magical powers it seemed. It made me think….. I can design stickers! The Sticker Factory Star is the first ever sticker I designed and it’s still going strong appearing on many of our products.

Our Story

One of those twins is now a teacher and the other one works in the NHS. Both use the stickers in the course of their work. (The toddler now runs his own ethical artisan chocolate business!) My husband, Steven, is now my business partner and I concentrate on design and customising stickers. And we must not forget our Sticker Factory dog, Ludo, who supports us by keeping us well exercised and as a friendly, furry, face, always up for a cuddle when times are challenging.

Our Story

All our print and materials are sourced in the UK and we continually look for the most environmentally friendly solutions. We love what we do and hope you have enjoyed reading a little bit about us.

We hope you find the products you are looking for – but please always contact us if you can’t find what you want. We will respond quickly and help you find the product that is right for you.

Vanessa and Steven

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