What’s in a name? Personalised school stickers to help you reward, encourage, and motivate in the classroom.

What’s in a name indeed! Today we’d like to talk to you about our personalised reward stickers range. They’re a great option for school, home learning, and healthcare settings, providing an extra special boost to students and patients. 

Our customers regularly tell us that they love our personalised stickers (and we love to hear it!). Offering a mixture of the signature bright and colourful Sticker Factory style, and a caption personalised with your name, these stickers are a versatile way to give students a really personal reward to show that you appreciate their hard work.  

You’ll find a huge range of personalised stickers for teachers, TAs, and tutors on our website, including a mixture of captions, images, and colours. Some of our favourites are: 

Subject specific  

Image showing detail of French personalised stickers. 5 stickers with bee flying French flag, each having a different captionOur trés bon French stickers , ¡Estupendo! Image of personalised maths stickers showing detail of 5 different images & captionsSpanish stickers  and other subject specific personalised stickers are a great way to reward across the curriculum. You’ll find stickers for English, maths, science, and the humanities, all with subject related images and captions ready for your name. 


Ask me why… 

Five sample images of 'Ask me why' stickers from The Sticker FactoryOur ‘Ask me why [your name] gave me this sticker!’ sheets feature a mixture of images including seagulls, crabs, and whales. They’re ideal to reward extra special achievement and help to support the vital communication between home and school. 



Well done mixed images  

Sample personalised stickers with mixed animal characters on a pink background If you’re looking for a versatile mixture of rewards, you can’t go wrong with our range of Personalised ‘Well done’ stickers like these ones on a lovely pink background. Each sheet contains 35 x 37mm stickers and some of our top characters. Marvellous for rewarding lesson work, homework, tests, or extra special effort, these stickers are a great way to share a positive message. 


Making personalised stickers 

All of our personalised stickers can be made and shipped to you really quickly: simply choose your pack, enter the name you’d like to see, and we’ll create a pack of personalised stickers to send out to you lickety split. 

Sample Image of 9 stickers with fun characters on different brightly coloured backgrounds with a range of different captionsThroughout June, we’re also offering a free pack of mixed image and caption stickers worth £4.75 when you spend £7.50. Click on the coupon at the checkout and a pack will be automatically added to your basket.

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