We prescribe healthcare stickersPhysio sticker with chinchilla character wearing stethoscope

We prescribe healthcare stickers to make your patients smile! Did you know that the NHS treats around 55 million people each year? That’s over 80% of the whole population of the UK! At some point in our lives most of us will have to access medical and therapeutic support and in this post we’d like to take the opportunity to have a look at our healthcare range of stickers in a bit more detail to see why they’re a great addition to every professional’s toolkit. 

As part of our healthcare sticker range, we offer stickers for occupational therapists, physiotherapists, opticians, dentists, and much more. Made with the signature Sticker Factory style, they offer a range of images and captions to help brighten your patient’s day.

Star patient sticker Yellow smile star on red backgroundWe also have a range of patient specific stickers. We appreciate medical appointments can be scary, especially for children, and our patient stickers are a great way to make the whole process a little nicer . You’ll find Super patient’ [https://thestickerfactory.co.uk/product/super-patient/] and ‘Star patient’ [https://thestickerfactory.co.uk/product/star-patient/] stickers, as well as a mixed image and caption set [https://thestickerfactory.co.uk/product/healthcare-mixed-image-caption/ 

Mixed image personalised healthcare stickers showing 5 charactersBut for an extra special touch, you can’t beat our range of personalised stickers [https://thestickerfactory.co.uk/product/personalised-healthcare/ They’re great at delivering a really personal message to your patients and are available with a range of captions and images, from balloons to butterflies. Versatile and vibrant, these stickers are ideal for any healthcare setting, including surgeries, hospitals, and clinics. They’re also quick to make using the online tool on our website: simply enter the name you’d like and we’ll make your stickers quicker than you can say pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis! 

You can view all of our healthcare stickers over at our website. Plus, you can also grab a free pack of mixed smiley and star stickers with every purchase over £7.50 until the end of August with our latest monthly offer.

We’d like to extend a big Sticker Factory thank you to all of the hard-working healthcare staff who look after us when we need it most. We love hearing that our stickers have helped to brighten a patient’s day so please do share your sticker stories with us.

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