It’s time for some Christmas sparkle and what better way to spread some Christmas sparkle than with our super sparkly Christmas stickers? Things are definitely different this year but here at The Sticker Factory we’re still here for you. Rewarding young people this festive season will add a little something special to their day. We have something for all you hard-working teachers, TAs, healthcare professionals, parents and carers . Featuring some festive favourite characters and shining so brightly that we often get shepherds at the front door! These stickers are the perfect way to reward your pupils for all of their hard work since September.

Link to 28mm sparkly stickers. 18 Christmas themed images on a sheet with sparly background

Choose either our 28mm round stickers or 12mm square mini stickers and make people smile They’re great for end of term games, general classroom rewards and a perfect way to encourage and motivate your students through the final few weeks of term. The sparkly stickers also make great presents, or why not use them yourself to brighten up envelopes or presents?

We also have our personalised Christmas stickers which is the ideal way to deliver a really personal reward and one which will make pupils feel really special. They’re bright and colourful and sure to send young ones on their Christmas holidays with a smile.

Link to personalised Xmas stickers. 5 sticker images with a festive theme
Link to sparkly mini Xmas stickers. 9 rows of mini stickers with christmas themed characters

Whatever you’re up to this festive season we’d like to wish all of our customers a very happy Christmas and let’s all look forward to a brighter and more prosperous New Year. Whatever you get up to we hope there will be lots of opportunities for some well-deserved R&R and we look forward to sharing more stickers with you soon.

With our very best wishes.

Vanessa & Steven

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