Postie Puffin reckons This Shipping Forecast calls for extra value! 

Here at The Sticker Factory our customers are our number one priority and we regularly review our products and procedures to ensure that we are offering the best value and service that we can. That’s why you may have noticed that, since we moved to our new website, we no longer offer free shipping. Often when you see free shipping on a company’s website it’s because the cost of postage has been added onto each product’s price. That means, if you order more than one item, you could be paying more for delivery than necessary.

Call the Bumble Bees!

What we’d really like to do of course is have a troupe of trained bumblebees deliver your stickers to your door, or a pack of penguins lovingly slip your sticker parcels through your letterbox, but while those plans remain in the development phase we’ll have to use the post office. 

Honesty and Familiarity

Honesty  (noun) – the quality of being honest

Familiarity (noun) – close acquaintance with or knowledge of something


Here at The Sticker Factory we believe we are familiar with our customers requirements and are transparent and honest in our business ethics. After reviewing our pricing structure we noted that customers who purchase more than one item in a single order were sometimes paying excess shipping. This left us with a conundrum, but we like a challenge! After much discussion we came up with what we believe is the fairest solution. Shipping charges – within a puffin’s feather – are now based on the weight of your total order. It has also meant we’ve been able to lower the price of lots of your favourite sticker packs, so you get more sticker for your cash. Simply add your favourite stickers to your virtual shopping basket and our posting and packaging calculator will tell you how much your delivery will cost. As an example, a pack of 10 sheets of A5 stickers would be a very small shipping cost (basically a dinghy) of 79p.

There are four options available at the checkout, each of which will depend upon the total weight of the products in your basket:

• Standard Shipping UK

• 1st Class UK

• Signed for 2nd class

• Signed for 1st class

We believe you understand that we aim to trade fairly and transparently, and put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We’ll see you soon for more sticker news and updates. 

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