The Big Summer Sticker Quiz

It’s nearly time to put this school year to bed (thank goodness!). To celebrate the summer break, and for some end of year fun, we’ve put together our big Summer sticker quiz 2021. Read on to test your knowledge of all things Summer!

Round one

1. The month of July is named after which Roman Emperor? 

2. When is American Independence Day?

3. When is the Summer Solstice? 

4. Which Shakespeare play features the characters Titania and Bottom? 

5. What is July’s birthstone? 

Round two

6. Coney Island, New York holds an annual competition for which food? 

7. What is the filling in a summer pudding?

8. What is the UK’s favourite ice cream flavour?

9. How many hours was the longest barbecue ever? a) 60 b) 70 c) 80

10. Beefsteak, plum and cherry are varieties of which fruit?

Round three

11. What colour jersey does the winner of the Tour de France wear? 

12. Which sporting event takes place at SW19?

13. Which seasonal treat is famously enjoyed there? 

14. The 2024 Olympics will be held in which city? 

15. Before they were used as a toy, Frisbees were originally invented for what purpose?

Round four

16. Durdle Door is a natural stone arch on which British coast? 

17. Which British seaside attraction is 158 metres tall?

18. In which year were beach balls invented? a) 1928 b) 1938 c) 1948

19. Which country is home to the biggest water park in the world? 

20. The rock formation, The Needles, are off the coast of which island?

We hope the last few weeks of term go smoothly and the summer holidays bring a chance for some rest and relaxation. We’ve got your summer sticker needs covered with our range of rewards, visit our website to find out more. We’ll see you soon for more sticker news. 


1. Julius Caesar

2. July 4th

3. June 21st

4. A Midsummers Night’s Dream

5. Ruby

6. Hot dog

7. Fruit, usually berries

8. Vanilla

9. 80 hours! 

10. Tomatoes

11. Yellow

12. Wimbledon

13. Strawberries and cream 

14. Paris

15. As pie tins

16. The Jurassic Coast

17. Blackpool Tower

18. 1938

19.  Germany

20. Isle of Wight

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