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 2022 is here! We hope you enjoyed the fun and festivities of the Christmas season but now it’s time to go back to school and fill up our heads with learning. Homework is a vital part of the learning experience and an important opportunity for children to develop study skills as well as reinforce the materials from the classroom. Parents and carers are the most important influence in a young person’s life so supporting with homework is a brilliant way to positively reinforce the importance of education and the value that you as a family place on it.  

 Supporting with homework can also be a good chance for children to reflect on the way they learn best. Trying different methods to learn about new topics, like silly songs or making posters, can help children to develop resilience by overcoming tasks they found challenging.   

It can also support them to build positive habits to see them into further education where a greater amount of independent studying will be required.  

There are lots of studies into the impact homework has on students and we found a couple that might be of interest: The first from the Education Endowment Foundation and the second from The British Council.

 But we know homework is not always met with enthusiasm. So whether it’s the bus stand method for long division or the capitals of Europe, we’ve got rewards to help you support home learning 

Check out our ‘Well done’ stickers for a brilliant general reward, ideal stickers to help home learning. Or have a look at our smiley and star stickers for a fantastic motivating tool to make homework a breeze. We’ve got captioned and non-captioned options and you’ll find that our sheets feature bigger stickers with smaller stickers nestling in between. That means all of the space is used and there is less wastage on the page, helping us to be as sustainable as possible.   

 Personalised stickers are also a super way to show your little ones that you’re proud of their hard work and value the effort they have put in. We have a huge range of personalised stickers for a personal reward which really sticks.   

 You can have a look at all of our rewards to support homework on our website

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