Smiles for miles: Smiley school stickers to make your pupils beam!

Did you know that you can see someone smiling  from 300 ft away?

A smile can be very powerful. It lifts our mood, and can also have a big impact in the classroom, helping to create a calm and positive environment.

Our smiley stickers for school are a great way to encourage, motivate, and praise your students. They can be used to help mark homework, as rewards for taking part in lessons, or to show your appreciation for positive behaviour. 

smiley stickers Our smiley stickers are some of our best sellers and it’s easy to see why. These customised mixed smileys [] can be individualised completely with your choice of text to create a sticker that’s just perfect for you. Or have a look at our mini smileys [] for a colourful sticker that’s ideal for reading challenges and reward charts. For a double sticker set that really packs a punch though, you can’t beat our mixed star and smiley sets [] which mix up big and little stickers to create a mega motivational combination.


To celebrate the world of smiles, we’ve put together some weird and wonderful, but true, facts about smiling for you to share with your students.

  1. Children smile, on average, 400 times a day. Adults smile 20 times a day.

  2. Smiling reduces blood pressure.

  3. There are 19 types of smiles. This includes social smiles, which we use in polite company, and authentic Duchenne smiles, which are instinctive and unstoppable.

  4. Smiling boosts the immune system.

  5. Women smile more than men.

  6. Smiles are contagious.

  7. It takes approximately 26 muscles to smile.

  8. There’s some evidence to suggest that people who smile more often live longer.

  9. People who smile regularly at work are more likely to be promoted.

  10. Smiling is a universal sign of happiness around the world.

Stay on The Sticker Factory website to view all of our stickers for teachers, TAs, and other education professionals, as well as stickers to use at home. If you treat yourself to some smiley stickers, our current monthly offer means that you’ll get a free pack of star stickers too. Now that’s really something to smile about.

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