Self-Care Week   Taking Care of Yourself

With all of the pressures, and stresses of modern life it can be easy to neglect ourselves. 14th-20th November 2022 was Self-Care Week UK and we thought it was a brilliant chance to investigate this important idea in more depth. Although the week may have finished, it’s always a good time to share the self-care message.

As we come into perhaps the busiest season of the year, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on improving our self-care skills. We’ve put together five simple tips which you can use to look after yourself, and share with the people you work with.


  1. Give yourself permission to relax: Taking a few minutes to relax not only clears our mind and helps us feel calmer, it also increases blood flow, giving us more energy.


  1. Try and do something you enjoy every day: Don’t leave it until the weekend, treat yourself every day. Whether it’s watching your favourite TV programme or a midweek roast dinner, having something to look forward to makes us more productive.


  1. Get outside: Having a walk outdoors, or even just spending a few minutes in the garden, can help to lower our cortisol levels, helping us to feel less stressed.


  1. Try a spot of meditation: Meditation has many positive benefits on our physical and mental health. It improves our immune systems, and can help to reduce negative feelings. It’s also a great activity to share with your young people. 


  1. Play a game: Research has shown that spending time playing can promote a more adventurous, creative, and spontaneous personality, while also reducing blood pressure. Games are great in the classroom to help children learn, but trying a spot of online scrabble or Monopoly is good too.


Not only does self-care increase our resilience, and physical and mental health, it also helps our communities to flourish. To help you to spread the self-care message, our growth mindset stickers are perfect for using at schools, clubs, and at home. You can view them at our website to help foster and encourage positivity.

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