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Mixed Image & Captions (set 2)

Mixed Image & Captions (set 2) Mixed Image & Captions (set 2)
£4.50£22.96 inc. VAT

We provide this product a variety of Pack Sizes2 Sheets - £2.25 per Sheet4 Sheets - £1.88 per Sheet8 Sheets - £1.62 per Sheet12 Sheets - £1.38 per Sheet20 Sheets - £1.15 per Sheet


  • Each A4 sheet contains 35 x 37mm stickers
  • Just add your name to personalise your reward stickers
  • Please note that after the name, the word ‘says’ will be printed ie: Mrs James says
  • 20 characters maximum
  • Larger Pack size = Lower sheet price

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Vibrant colours and fun characters with mixed captions make this one of our most popular sticker sheets with a range. Personalise these by adding your name and you’ll have a super set of rewards that can be used for so many positive things. Small things make a big difference.  Perfect for use in schools, clubs, hospitals,  healthcare centres and dental surgeries.

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