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Home School - Well done 'Child's Name' Personalised reward stickers

Home School - Well done Home School - Well done
£4.50£7.50 inc. VAT

We provide this product a variety of Pack Sizes2 Sheets - £2.25 per Sheet4 Sheets - £1.88 per Sheet


  • Each A4 sheet contains 35 x 37mm stickers
  • Add your name to personalise the top line of  your reward stickers
  • 20 characters maximum
  • The bottom line is one of 5 general ‘praise’ messages
  • Available in 2 and 4 sheet packs
  • Larger Pack size = Lower sheet price

These stickers have been designed for general reward in lots of situations with general reward captions and images. Just add the child’s name. Perfect for rewarding children at home, these reward stickers will really make your child proud and boost self-esteem.

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