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Customised Reward Sticker BrownDog

Customised Reward Sticker BrownDog
£4.95£9.20 inc. VAT

We provide this product a variety of Pack Sizes4 Sheets - £1.324 per Sheet8 Sheets - £1.15 per Sheet


Customised Reward Sticker – BrownDog is a happy chappy and you can create a ggrrrreat reward sticker which will be even more meaningful with a personal message. What are you going to say to make someone’s day? Grrrrufff !

  • Each A5 sheet contains 15 x 38mm stickers
  • Add your message to customise your stickers
  • 20 characters maximum for top text
  • 20 characters maximum for bottom text
  • Larger Pack size = Lower sheet price

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