I have different stickers for different rewards. The small ones are great for the end of a sentence or paragraph and let my children know they are hitting targets or are on the tight track. I have loved the way this year my class have collected stickers on their peg names. It’s inspired lots of conversations about when and why. Some have acted as aides to memory, often hearing comments about the fact or behaviour or work that gained that sticker from last term.

When larger or more special stickers are placed on work or clothing it’s magical to see the child’s face at home time, knowing their carer will ask why they adorned with such a sticker. You have to precise with why they have achieved it so they can then articulate why they received it rather than because I was good.

Claire HJ. Sept 2020

I’m a ks1 teacher and I really like using stickers. I use them for a range of reasons but I’m careful not to give them out too often so that they don’t become meaningless. I often use them as a positive behaviour management tool to reward children who are following the instructions/ being good role models and I find this is often enough to encourage children to rethink what they are doing without me having to point anything out.

I also find that they are a great talking point as children love to tell their grown-ups what they have been given a sticker for. This also helps them to reflect on when they have done something great and helps them to build their own self- esteem and go on to start recognising their great achievements for themselves.

In my sticker stash I have a range of stickers which match the topics we teach and also our class name. I also have sparkly stickers and personalised ones for real ‘wow’ moments. I find that children love to choose their own stickers too.

I’m moving to EYFS this year and I think they will continue to be incredibly useful.

Gemma L. August 2020

I’m a home tutor working mainly with ks1 and I’ve used stickers as rewards for years and they are even popular with upper ks2 pupils if you get a more grown up design. They are a cost effective way to reward good work or for meeting their target. Can’t think of any negatives to using them. Kids always like to collect things and stickers are no exception. You can give the pupil a chart to collect them on which they can fill up over a half term.

SB. August 2020

I use them to reinforce good choices in the classroom or praise children for kindness/good work/effort. The smelly ones are “special stickers” for something brilliant. I’ve given them for incredible effort, really thoughtful answers in discussions or to children that have been especially caring towards other children. I’m in ks1.

Meghan M. Sept 2020

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