Eco-friendly school stickers: Positive steps to make our business greener

Many of us are trying to take positive steps to reduce our environmental impact on the planet. We’re very proud as a company to be continuing our commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. Read on to find out about the steps we’re taking to make The Sticker Factory a greener small business.  

1 – We’re carrying on our work with our partner Ecologi, who support eco solutions and projects around the world which offset carbon and plant trees. For every single web and purchase order we receive we now plant a tree. Since we started in June, we are very happy to report that we have planted 751 trees towards our 1000 target by the end of 2021. Take a look at our role in the Reforestation project in Mozambique.

2 – We’re also supporting Ecologi’s projects which offset carbon and benefit communities around the world. We have supported sawmills in Chile to use waste biomass to produce electricity and small scale wind farms in India to support the growth of renewable energy sources. These projects not only benefit the environment but also create jobs and help the local economy. 

So far the projects we have contributed to have offset 34 tonnes of carbon. That’s the equivalent of driving 85,000 miles, roughly three times around the world! 

3 – 90% of our packaging is now biodegradable. We are committed to sourcing all of our materials from UK based companies to help minimise our carbon footprint. All of our products are designed exclusively by us and all of them are printed in the UK, many at our base in Suffolk. 

We want to thank you, our lovely customers, for your support. We’re working hard to make our business even more eco-friendly so you can feel confident that, when you buy Sticker Factory stickers, you are contributing to making the world a better place. 

You can track our progress on our website and our Ecologi profile. We’ll be sharing updates regularly so watch this space for more news.

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