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Our Products - Reward Stickers for Teachers, TAs, Schools and more from The Sticker Factory

When The Sticker Factory was founded back in 1997 we had just a handful of reward sticker designs sitting on a shelf unit in the conservatory of our founder and director, Vanessa.

Fast forward over 20 years later and we now have considerably more - over 700 products on our website for you to browse and choose from! Needless to say they’re not all in a conservatory anymore. We’re now based in an old granary in Suffolk, and once where there would have been bags of flour, there are now shelves full of lovely merit stickers, badges, certificates, praise notes and more.

We’ve created what we hope will be some useful information pages to help you find our more about our reward and motivation products, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you ever have any questions.

To discover more about our school reward stickers, customised stampers and more just click on one of the links in bold below:

- Stickers

- Smiley Face Reward Stickers

- Star Reward Stickers
- Customised and personalised stamps

- Customised Rewards
- Children’s Reward & Merit Stickers

- School Reward Badges

- School Award Certificates