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If you follow our Facebook page, you might have noticed that our personalised ‘star patient’ stickers now have dinosaurs on them. This was thanks to a young patient, who felt that they really should make an appearance. Well, we aim to please so you’ll now find a row of dinosaur stickers on our star patient sets.

Personalised Star Patient stickers for Doctors Nurses Paramedics Dentists and other healtcare professionalsThe star patient stickers are part of our personalised healthcare range of stickers for gp’s, hospital and healthcare staff. They feature a variety of images (including stars, spiders and more) and can be personalised with your name to deliver a unique message to your patients.

At The Sticker Factory, dinosaurs appear not only on our stickers for healthcare workers, but on a lot of other products too, and are some of our favourite designs. So we thought we’d celebrate them today with our top ten cool dinosaur facts.

  1. The name ‘dinosaur’ was first used in 1842. 

  2. Dinosaurs once lived on every continent, including Antarctica.

  3. The name ‘velociraptor’ literally translates to speedy thief.

  4. Dinosaurs lived on earth for around 165 million years. For comparison, humans have lived on the planet for around 2 million years.

  5. Scientists think that some dinosaurs may have lived to the age of 200.

  6. The majority of dinosaurs were vegetarian. 

  7. A blue whale is bigger than any dinosaur that ever existed.

  8. Palaeontologists have estimated that a tyrannosaur’s arms were about the same length as a human’s.

  9. Some of the larger plant eating dinosaurs would have had to eat around a tonne of food every day.

  10. The largest dinosaur eggs discovered were around the size of baseballs.

You can dino-soar over to our website to have a look at our new, dino improved ‘star patient’ stickers. Before any pack gets sent out, they are given a thorough check-up by Steve, who also prints off an extra sheet for every set ordered through our website. Plus, you can also get 10% off when you use the code gp10 at the checkout.

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