Nature inspired classroom activities

The start of the new year can be a fantastic time to explore the natural world. The nights are starting to draw out and signs of new life are appearing. So grab your binoculars and read on for nature inspired activities to share with your students this January. 

1. Mega migrations 

Many birds make huge journeys during the winter to find food and warmer weather. Bewick swans travel thousands of miles from freezing Siberia to spend winter in the UK. Follow their amazing journey by making your own classroom migration map. 

2. Take part in the Big Schools Birdwatch 2022 

The 2022 RSPB annual schools birdwatch is now on and results can be submitted anytime until the 21st February 2022. Simply head into your school grounds to count how many birds you see in a specific time period and you’ll be supporting the RSPB to monitor bird numbers. 

You can visit the RSPB schools birdwatch website to find out more and get free resources like survey sheets and ID guides. 

3. Fantastic frost

The colder weather brings beautiful frost patterns to explore. Take snaps or draw your favourites, from glittering spider’s webs to dangling icicles. 

4. Look out for the first flowers

Winter aconites are very often the first flowers to appear in January, easily recognisable by their bright yellow petals. Snowdrops will also be noticeable soon, and cheerful daffodils can  appear from as early as 1st January depending on which part of the country you’re in. It’s the perfect start for a lesson about the seasons and plant life-cycles.

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