National Pet Month 2021

From cats and dogs to guinea pigs, fish, snakes and spiders, pets come in every shape and size but all of them fill a very special place in our homes. We know pets aren’t for everyone but for lots of us pets have been a comforting presence through the pandemic and a way to make the whole situation a bit more bearable. 

April is National Pet Month in the UK and the purr-fect chance to celebrate the critters that share our lives, from house pets to working, assistance and therapy animals. You might have seen a picture or two of our own office pooch Ludo, who likes to make sure that we are getting enough exercise after a full day at The Sticker Factory coal face and is always ready with a wagging tail or a helpful paw when we’re stuck on spreadsheets or having technical trouble. If only we could train him to make the tea!


Our ‘Well done’ pet stickers feel like part of the family too. They feature a selection of friendly critters including dogs, cats, fish and even chinchillas; all the pet with no litter trays or poo bags required. Each pack includes 35 pet stickers interspersed with mini smiley stars to make sure that no space is wasted and you get maximum value for money.

They’re a great way to reward pupils in the classroom and ideal to use at home to encourage walking the dog, cleaning out the hamster or feeding the snake (being careful to separate out those last two jobs). They’re a great way to motivate children to complete household chores and encourage them to take responsibility and ownership. 

We’d love to see pictures of the furry friends who have been helping you through lockdown. Join in the conversation at our Facebook and Pinterest pages. 

You can take a W-A-L-K over to our website to have a look at our whole range of reward charts and pet stickers. We’ll see you soon for more sticker news.

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