International Literacy Day 2021: Rewarding reading and building skills

It’s the start of the new school year. We’re looking forward to helping all of our lovely customers in education support children to develop new skills to last a lifetime. And one skill that is especially near and dear to us is literacy.

Wednesday 8th September 2021 is International Literacy Day and the perfect chance to reflect on how important literacy is to all of us, in the classroom and in our lives; in the stories, books and words that mean most to us (like tea, biscuit, and cake). 

International Literacy Day was first marked in 1967 by UNESCO to recognise and celebrate the importance of literacy for individuals and wider societies. Literacy forms the cornerstone of learning of course, but also gives young people the power to change their lives. The day is a perfect way to recognise the efforts of education staff who keep learning going. But also to raise awareness of the importance of literacy as a tool to help global development.  Unesco logo to highlight International Literacy Day 2021

Whether it’s sharing favourite books, making bookmarks, starting a class reading challenge, or creating a shared story, we hope you’re able to mark the day with some fun activities. You can also find further information about International Literacy Day on the UN website


Literacy star - Learned purple star character holding a book

To help things go with a swing, have a look at our literacy rewards and reading rewards. We’ve got mini praise stickers and sticker-tificates to help with class reading challenges. Plus have a look at our reading stickers, with a mixture of images and captions, which are perfect for encouraging and motivating pupils. 

You can see all of our pre-printed, customisable and personalised stickers over on our website. We hope the first few weeks of term go smoothly and we’ll see you soon for more from The Sticker Factory.

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