Helping home learning for a happier New Year

2020 was an extraordinary year and one thing it has reinforced for us at The Sticker Factory is the very important part parents and carers play in supporting children with learning at home. So, whether that’s in educating full time or supporting school work we wanted to share our top tips to help children learn at home, whatever this year brings…

1. Timetable

A consistent timetable for homework/ learning can be very useful and help children to develop positive study skills.

2. Non-classroom activities

Non-classroom activities include lots of embedded skills and provide valuable opportunities for learning. For example baking features maths (If we eat half of this cake what is the probability that we can blame the dog?) and science (What will happen if we substitute the flour in this recipe for leftover chocolates?). 

3. Reflection

Set aside time each day for reflection and discussion about what children have enjoyed most and anything they found difficult.

4. Designate a space

Try to make a designated space for learning which can be separated from relaxation areas.

Have fun!

 Most importantly-have fun! Parents and carers are the most significant influence on children and your positive attitude will make them feel positive about learning too.

Using small rewards such as stickers and certificates can also be a very powerful tool to help children recognise their own achievements, and a great way to let them know you’re proud of their hard work. We’ve got you covered with our range of stickers for home. Our personalised and customised stickers are the ideal way to make a really personal reward that will have a big impact, but we’ve also got a massive range of pre-printed stickers with a mixture of colours, designs and captions, from ‘Well done’ to ‘Super star!

Our mini stickers are also ideal to use with reward charts meaning they’re perfect for homework, and our sticker-tificates are a brilliant way to recognise extra special accomplishments. 

Visit our website to see our whole range of home rewards, and we’ll look forward to seeing you soon for more sticker news.

Our best wishes for a Happier New Year,

Vanessa & Steven

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