Healthcare Stickers for hospitals, clinics, surgeries to make your patients smile.

Here at The Sticker Factory NHS stands for not just National Heroes Service, nor even National Health Service, but also for Nifty Healthcare Stickers! 

We know illness and ill-health can be scary for children and their families. At what is a very uncertain time in the world visiting the doctor or attending a medical appointment can be even more frightening. But we hope our stickers can help bring a smile to patients, young and old. Our stickers may be small but they can make a big difference.

We’ve got hospital stickers . . . 

We’ve got stickers for visiting the doctor, visiting the nurse, visiting hospital, having a blood test and much much more. Our general ‘Well done’ and ‘Super patient’ stickers are ideal for use in dental surgeries, clinics and other healthcare settings.

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5 examples of Personalised Healthcare Stickers used as link to product which can be used in hospitals, clinics and surgeries

Personalised Healthcare Stickers

We also make personalised Healthcare Stickers for hospitals, clinics, surgeries and schools to make your patients smile. The perfect way to deliver a really personal message to your patients. Simply add your name to the stickers and we’ll pack them off ready to cheer your clients. Plus our hand washing stickers are great for supporting teaching hygiene in healthcare settings and in the classroom. 

There’s a massive mixture of captions, colours and images like stars, dinosaurs and friendly animals. They’re all bright and cheery and ready to help you support your patients. Prices start from £5.25 for a pack of 75x37mm stickers. 

Head (shoulders, knees and toes) over to our website to have a look at our whole range of healthcare stickers. We couldn’t be prouder when we hear that our stickers have brought some sunshine to a patient’s day, and we’re honoured that we can help support amazing healthcare professionals do their fantastic work. We would like to join the nation in thanking all healthcare workers for all of your hard work and dedication this year and always, and we wish you, and all of our lovely customers, a very very happy Christmas.

Best wishes,

Vanessa and Steven.

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