End of term gifts to celebrate summer 2023 . . . included . . . 

Cuddly cholera and lychees. More details below!

The sun is shining, the air is thick with the scent of cut grass, BBQ’d sausages, and strawberries and cream. It can only mean one thing: the summer holidays are just around the corner so we asked about the end of term gifts you have received in the past.

We’ve been absolutely loving hearing about the weird and wonderful gifts our lovely customers have had from young people. Just some of our favourites were:

We always knew our customers were legends, but we hope you might get one or two gifts to prove it, maybe not a can of deodorant though.

You can see the whole conversation on our Facebook page (prepare to have your heart strings plucked when you get to the sandwich), and our whole range of customised stickers and end of term rewards here on our website.

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