Bet you can’t crack our Easter quiz!  

The end of the Spring term is in sight! To celebrate the Easter holidays coming soon, we’ve put together a fiendish Easter quiz for you to enjoy with your class. 

  1. What is Shrove Tuesday known as in France?  
  2. Which bird lays the largest eggs? 
  3. Vrolijk Pasen” translates as Happy Easter in which language? a) Dutch b) Welsh c) Danish   
  4. In French tradition, which items are reputed to fly to deliver Easter eggs to children? 
  5. The New York Easter Parade takes place every year on which street? a) Broadway b) 5th Avenue c) Wall Street 
  6. Which famous American landmark hosts the annual Easter Egg roll on Easter Monday?  
  7. Easter Island is part of which South American country? a) Chile b) Peru c) Mexico 
  8. Who wrote the book ‘Green eggs and Ham’? 
  9. In which country did the Easter Bunny apparently originate? a) Spain b) Germany c) Italy 
  10. Roughly how many Creme eggs does Cadbury produce every year? a) 200 million b) 400 million c) 500 million 

Easter Sticker Rewards

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  1. Mardi Gras 
  2. Ostrich 
  3. Dutch 
  4. Church bells 
  5. 5th Avenue 
  6. The White House 
  7. Chile 
  8. Dr Seuss 
  9. Germany 
  10. 500 million 
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