Celebrating sustainability the Sticker Factory way: recycling activities for the classroom

Spring has sprung and the natural world is bursting into new life. It’s a great time to think about how we can reduce our impact and incorporate recycling activities into the classroom.

  1. Plant a tree or window box: Planting a tree is a great way to learn about the natural world and to contribute to the environment. If you’re lacking in outdoor space, then a window box is a brilliant option too.

  2. Revitalise old crayons: This fun and creative activity is a great way to recycle old scraps of crayons. Mix up colours into paper cups and microwave gently until the crayons melt. Pour the liquid into silicon moulds and, next day, you’ll have new and excitingly multi-coloured, crayons.

  3. Organise a book or toy swap: This is an excellent way for the class to share items they no longer use and saves them from going to landfill.

  4. Transform rubbish into something beautiful: Some difficult to recycle, and non-recyclable items, such as crisp packets or packaging material, can be used in art projects that all classes can get involved in.

  5. Turn old pens into paint: If you and your class have old water based marker pens, don’t throw them away. Simply uncap the markers and leave them to soak in enough water to cover their tips. After a few days you’ll have a pot of paint ready to use.

Steps towards a greener business

At The Sticker Factory, we’ve been taking steps to reduce our environmental impact and increase our sustainability. Since June 2021, we’ve been working with Ecologi, a company who direct and manage eco-friendly enterprises around the globe. For every single web order we’ve received since then, we’ve planted a tree in Ecologi’s forest and contributed to projects including protecting lowland peat forest in Indonesia, and generating clean, hydroelectric power in India.

We’re proud that all of our stickers are printed in the UK, many at our base in Suffolk. We have also worked hard to make 90% of our packaging biodegradable. Find out more at our website, and visit our Ecologi profile to see our progress.

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