The end of the summer holidays are often a time of mixed emotions. School staff and pupils have enjoyed a well earned rest and are looking forward to the return to school with, speaking from memory, a fluttering of nerves in the tummy, as well as excitement at seeing friends and learning new things. (And at being able to show off a new pencil case/ lunch box/ two foot growth spurt.) 

The return to school will be a lot different this year and the next few months are likely to include some anxiety for young people, staff and parents. We’re very proud that our products are used by hard-working teachers, Teaching Assistants, and other staff working in education to support children’s learning and enhance their educational experience and we hope that we can continue to provide motivation magic with our products during this difficult time. 

Whatever the new school year has in store we’re behind you. We’re developing a new website and looking forward to showing it to you very soon. Until then you can head over to our site to have a look at our range of sticker options to help you share some motivation magic this year. We’ll see you soon for more sticker news and updates

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